Scientifically based research on montessori pedagogy

Scientifically Based Research on Montessori Pedagogy

Below are listed different thesis and comprehensive researches on Montessori Education for those who wants to know deeper the benefits and the outcomes of the pedagogy.

A Comparison of Montessori and Traditional Middle Schools: Motivation, Quality of Experience, and Social Context
by Kevin Rathunde

A Longitudinal Study of the Experience in the Milwaukee Public Schools

Optimal Developmental Outcomes: The Social, Moral, Cognitive, and Emotional Dimensions of a Montessori Education
by Annette M. Haines, Kay Baker, and David Kahn

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius Chapter 1
Angeline Lillard

Evaluating Montessori Education
Angeline Lillard and Nicole Elise-Quest

Montessori Moments: Voices From the Field
Margot Ely and Belen Matias

An examination of implementation practices in Montessori early childhood education.
Carolyn Jean Daoust

Montessori Curriculum in Minnesota and Wisconsin Public Montessori Elementary Schools
Michael James Dorer

Using a Creativity Focused Science Program to Foster General Creativity in Young Children: A Teacher Action Research Study
Joan J. Mariani Gomes

Pilgrims and guides: A phenomenological study of Montessori teachers guiding and being guided by children in public Montessori schools
Linda Gatewood Massey

Identifying Challenges to the Future of Public Montessori Elementary Schools
Angelia K Murray

Implications for Peace: Montessori Elementary Education
Peggy E. Pate-Smith

Assessment practices used by Montessori teachers of kindergarten through sixth grade students in the United States
Kathy Lynn Roemer

Culturally Congruent Education and the Montessori Model: Perspectives from Hawaiian Culture-based Educators.
Nanette S Schonleber

Characteristics of Early Elementary Homework: Montessori and Traditional
Noreen Sullivan

How Montessori Educators in the U.S. Address Culturally Responsive Education
Michelle K.Yezbick

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