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We want to give priority to quality rather than quantity, so we decided to make huge classrooms for our children. This will involve extensive building work to turn three traditional classrooms into one giant one.
We’re doing this to all of our classrooms and when, for whatever reason we can’t do it then we reduced the amount of children by half compare to ratio that was in place there before. This gives our children two to three times more working spaces and we can fill up our classrooms with more materials and activities.
The first and second floor of our school are only two classrooms. In these two spaces we will offer two primary classrooms, one for children aged 6 to 9 years old and another one for children aged 9 to 12. Each classroom occupies an entire floor and measure a total of 160 to 190m2 (by comparison a traditional classroom is about 30m2).
Each floor will have its particularity in the adjacent rooms. On the first floor there will be an Atelier and a Cabinet of Curiosities. On the second floor there will be a music studio. The same applies to the classrooms of the EYFS learners, we made out of two or three classrooms one big one.
If you want to visit our school please first fill up our application form and check our Open House 2020 page to know when we will be able to show you everything.
If you can’t wait and already want to join us please contact us and we will guide you through.

Our current children at work at Nido Montessori Barcelona


Our current classrooms at Nido Montessori Barcelona



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