6 to 12 Lead teacher

Natalie was born in England, in Nottingham, the city of Robin Hood.
Since being little, she has always loved animals and loved being outdoors, walking in the countryside. When she was growing up, her mum was a preschool teacher and from being very young, she loved going to help her look after the little children. She always knew She wanted to work with children and was extremely motivated to go to University to train to be a teacher. Since qualifying with a BEd in Education Studies and a primary
PGCE, she has been working as a primary school teacher. She has four years of British teaching experience but was always very keen to travel and teach abroad. After five years of teaching in international schools in Barcelona, one of which involved her working in a Montessori based farm school, she realised that she wanted to change the way in which she teach and educate children and started to explore different pedagogical methods. When discovering the Montessori methodology, she realised how much the pedagogy motivated her and she felt very excited to train as a Montessori guide. As a result, she is now studying the Montessori methodology and she is very excited to start working as Montessori guide.

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