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About mimOOkids

mimOOkids was founded by Monika Ligeza with the desire to add a new purpose to kids clothing. As mother of two little boys, she was tired of tiny openings for big children’s heads and impossible closings for small hands.  She wanted to give small children the possibility to be more autonomous in their daily tasks and to push their learning-by-doing. As an experienced professional in the fashion industry, she decided to launch mimOOkids in 2018 using her expertise and network.

In mimOOkids we believe in the importance of empowering children to do things on their own. Inspired by the learning method of the Italian doctor Maria Montessori, mimOOkids provides innovative dressing solutions adapted to the children’s ages.

We work with extra elastic openings and waists, fasteners that are adapted to the evolutive age of the children and designs that allow the free movement. mimOOkids boosts the self-confidence, the colour learning & fine motor skills of toddlers and children from 0 to 8 years old.

We are committed to a positive environmental & social impact. We use only high quality and 100% certified sustainable materials sourced in the EU such as organic & recycled cotton, natural wood and vegan leather. Our items are designed and produced in Barcelona and surroundings under ethical conditions.

Made in Barcelona

Our impact:

  • We reduce a minimum of 90% of the water necessity for production, 2500l per item
  • We design time-less, grow-with-me and durable items to decrease the textile consumption
  • We guarantee fair working conditions for farmers and factories
  • We support the local economy by employing Catalan factories and professionals
  • We reduce 40kg of CO2 emission per item by producing & sourcing locally

Collaboration with Barcelona Montessori School

When we met for the first time the school directors Abigail and Tim, we were impressed by their commitment and vision of their school and educational approach. They proposed us to design the work attire for Nido and the new primary school and we were delighted to accept this opportunity to collaborate.

The work attire of the new school will be practical, easy-to-dress and durable. The aesthetic aspect will be fundamental, as well, since the school is eager to preserve the individual character of the institution and offer high quality and sustainability with a unique design.

Together we have chosen unique materials such as:

  • Super soft organic cotton jersey with extra elasticity for the perfect fit and comfort, GOTS certified
  • Sophisticated organic piqué for a casual dress outfit, GOTS certified
  • Extra comfortable organic sweat fabric, GOTS certified
  • Supra-upcycled cotton: textile waste transformed into a high-tech woven fabric with linen-touch, GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD certified
  • Eco buttons made of olive wood


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