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Our Classrooms

At Barcelona Montessori School we want to give priority to quality rather than quantity therefore we decided to make huge classrooms for our children.
Therefore we are doing some building work to turn three traditional classrooms into one giant one. We’re doing this to all of our classrooms and when, for whatever reason we can’t do it then we reduced the amount of children by half compare to ratio that was in place there before. This gives our children two to three times more working spaces and we can fill up our classrooms with more materials and activities. 
As you can see on the drawing  the first and second floor of our school are only 2 classrooms. In these two spaces we will offer two primary classrooms, one for children aged 6 to 9 years old and another one for children aged 9 to 12. Each classroom occupies an entire floor and measure a total of 160 to 190m2. Just for you to compare a traditional classroom is about 30m2. Each floor will have its particularity in the adjacent rooms. On the first floor there will be an Atelier and a Cabinet of Curiosities. On the second floor there will be a music studio. The same applies to the classrooms of the EYFS learners, we made out of two/three classrooms one big one.
If you want to visit our school please first fill up our application form and check our Open House 2020 page to know when we will be able to show you everything.
If you can’t wait and already want to join us please let us know via email or phone and we will guide you through.

The Cabinet Of Curiosities

The Cabinet of Curiosities is located in the conservatory on the first floor. Like a cross between a simple museum and a library, the room consists of many treasures for children to explore and borrow.

As part of our drive to reduce, reuse and recycle, we encourage children to borrow and share interesting books and objects, and we welcome donations from families and friends whose pre-loved objects can have a second life at our school.

Children can come to the Cabinet of Curiosities with a member of staff and browse objects and books which capture their interest. These items can be checked out for a short period of time and taken back to the class or home, depending on the item!

Should you wish to donate any of the following items, we would be happy to hear from you.

  • Non-fiction children’s books for 0 – 12
  • Reality based fiction books for 0 – 12
  • CDs, records, tapes, DVDs and videos, and players (age appropriate)
  • Religious items
  • Traditional clothing or decoration from other countries
  • Working headphones
  • Microscopes, telescopes, binoculars
  • Old wooden cabinet with shelves and/or cristal doors
  • Anything which might spark joy and curiosity in a Primary aged child

The Recording Studio

All of the classrooms will be equipped with musical instruments, as Dr. Montessori felt that musical expression and creativity was an essential part of child development. In order to cultivate creativity across the curriculum we have also decided to dedicate a room to music. Children can use the instruments in this room, along with those in their classroom in order to supplement their musical repertoire.

The instruments are electric in order to enable children to work together in the same room but separately on different projects and interests. For those who wish to work together, the Imac computer will allow them to experiment playing together and digitally altering their composition.

The assistants and teachers will guide the children to develop their own skills and knowledge with these instruments, and for parents who wish their child to have private lessons, this can also be arrange.

The Atelier

The Atelier

The Atelier will be located on the first floor. We will have all sorts of materials to use for long-term Art and Craft projects as well as photography, screen printing and more.

We will explore famous artists and techniques such as screen printing, using a camera lucida, oil painting, watercolours and pottery.

Our Art studio will also turn into a dark room to develop and enlarge photographs the old-school way.

PhotoGraphy the old fashion way

With the collaboration of loclum we will have a photo lab for enlarging analog photographies. The children will be able to make photo reportage when they go across the city to answer a burning question, on a walk through the woods with the forest teacher or an event at the school such as Halloween or a birthday.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is an easy art technic for children to use and very satisfying. It allow them to print patterns, drawing and images on paper. It also on fabric and give a feeling a finished product and we can wear

More info about Screen printing here

The Camera Lucida

The camera Lucida is an optical device used as a drawing aid by artists. more about how it works here

Even if you’re good at it, drawing can still be frustrating. Both the NeoLucida is a simple technology that may make learning to draw a little less discouraging, and perhaps a little less intimidating. As a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida—a 19th century optical drawing aid—the NeoLucida is part of a rich history of drawing technologies aimed at helping people draw. You want one for your child or you? Click here

Work Attire

Bus Route

Once the school will have a decent amount of children we will ask parents if they are interested in having the bus coming near their house. from there we will draw a google map route and get  quote. We expect the price to be somewhere between 80 to 145 euros a month depending on the amount of children  taking it.

We would also like to offer a shuttle bus from Nido to Barcelona Montessori School and back so that our actual family in Gracia don’t feel like they need to move to Sarria. The price will also depend of the demand and therefore as yet to be announced.

If you already know that you’ll need the bus for your child(ren) please send us an email with this in the subject:


Please send us the exact location you would like the bus to pick your child(ren) up and if you need it for the afternoon as well specify if it’s a different direction. We will then create a shared google map 🗺 and calculate the cost.



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