Lead Teacher

Idoia was born in Bilbao and studied Early Childhood Education at the University of the Basque Country and Special Education at the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

At the end of her studies Idoia began to work as a teacher in a conventional school. She has always been very curious about education and that is why she decided to take a break to explore and investigate this field further. She collaborated for 4 months in an educational project in Peru and that’s how she got to know the Montessori pedagogy. On returning from this experience Idoia wanted to deepen and learn more about Montessori and in the year 2014 she decided to take the AMI training for Children’s House, taught by the Montessori Institute of Mexico.

Since then Idoia has worked for 4 years as a Montessori Guide at Casa de Niños, 3 of them at a school in San Francisco, California.
Idoia considers herself an active person and in her spare time enjoys traveling, laughing, music and practicing yoga.

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