Lead Teacher AMI trained 3 to 6 years old

Dora grew up in Hungary in a small village surrounded by nature and animals. Her mum was a nursery teacher whom she loved to visit at work after school. She always loved art and crafts; sewing, beading, waving, drawing.  She was always curious about other countries and cultures-, that is why she studied tourism management in Budapest and moved to England to improve her English.

After her graduation, she decided to stay in England-, and she relocated to London. Working with four children as an au-pair made her realise how fulfilling working with children was for her. Soon in 2014, she found her first job as a nursery assistant that confirmed her even more in the decision of changing her profession. She took on different professional courses and started to develop herself.

After her niece was born she researched alternative pedagogical methods and that is when she first learnt about Montessori. In 2017 she was accepted to work in a Montessori nursery. This experience was so motivating for her that she decided to take the 3-6 AMI Montessori Diploma course while working. During this 2 year course her enthusiasm towards holistic education and gentle parenting just consolidated even more.

She graduated in 2019 summer and got promoted as a senior Montessori teacher.

She has visited Barcelona many times, fell in love with its beauty and decided to fulfill her dream of living there in 2020.

Besides travelling Dora loves to walk in nature, listen to music, meditate, make art and read poetry in her free time.

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