AMI 0 to 3 Teaching Assistant, Psychomotricity Specialist.

Valentina was born in Venezuela, but grew up in Uruguay. From the age of 6 her family lived in the United States. Her upbringing in a multicultural environment forged her character and personality and guided her towards the study of the human being. After finishing her studies in Psychology, she moved to Barcelona with the illusion of continuing her education and to grow personally. She began specialising in Autism. This training gave her the ability to sharpen her vision of childhood and to respect the uniqueness of each individual. Then life led her to enter into the world of Child Psychomotricity. There she discovered another way of approaching the child, the expressions of it’s inner world, their experiences and desires, all through the body and movement. Her belief that a different kind of education and accompaniment is possible, awakened in her the interest of connecting with children from a more educational approach. As a result of her experience working in an alternative day care centre, she became acquainted with the Montessori method.
She has been dazzled by its methodology and the respect given to the child.
For this reason she decided to train as a Montessori Assistant for children from 0 to 6 years old. She is found in Montessori pedagogy, as well as in emotional education and Yoga.
It is for her a way of accompanying children that is in tune with her way of being, which is based on love, calm and respect.
Curious by nature, she wants to take all these learnings with her to the present day, walking with the children and learning from them.

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