The Recording Studio

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Garage Band

All of the classrooms will be equipped with musical instruments, as Dr. Montessori felt that musical expression and creativity was an essential part of child development. In order to cultivate creativity across the curriculum we have also decided to dedicate a room to music. Children can use the instruments in this room, along with those in their classroom in order to supplement their musical repertoire.

The instruments are electric in order to enable children to work together in the same room but separately on different projects and interests. For those who wish to work together, the iMac computer will allow them to experiment playing together and digitally altering their compositions. 

The assistants and teachers will guide the children to develop their own skills and knowledge with these instruments, and for parents who wish their children to have private lessons, this can also be arranged. 

If you have old instrument you wish to donate to Barcelona Montessori School or if your child plays an instrument you would like us to have at the school please get in touch via phone or email.



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