When we hear the term Positive Discipline, it may sound almost contrary to the Montessori approach. Afterall, discipline normally conjures up ideas of strict parenting, perhaps punishment. However, if we consider a different meaning of the word discipline, as suggested by Cambridge Dictionary; “the ability to control yourself or other people, even in difficult situations”, we begin to get closer to the reason why we feel that Positive Discipline is the ideal toolkit for a any parent, but particularly a Montessori Parent.

Positive Discipline was developed by Jane Nelson as a way to help children and teenagers develop into responsible and respectful adults. In actual

fact, many parents who complete a Positive Discipline course, quickly realise that the person who is actually changing during the course is the parent, and through them, the child.

Positive Discipline encourages parents to reassess their own thoughts and behaviours. Often we find ourselves acting on autopilot, sometimes we might hear our own parents words coming out of our mouths! This is normal but it can be counterproductive, especially when we are trying to foster respect and thoughtfulness in our child.

Positive Discipline gives parents a toolkit of strategies which they can try in different situations in order to respond differently to everyday struggles with young children. These strategies encourage parents and children to become joint problem solvers and independent thinkers, who work together to create a more harmonious living environment. We want to raise our children for the world of tomorrow, therefore we need a new approach, one of patience, thoughtfulness and respect.

For parents of non-Montessori children, Positive Discipline can be a great toolkit to allow you to help develop some of the aforementioned qualities in your family.

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