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The burning question

Our learning environments are designed to hold the tools for children to discover the world around them. However, there will be times when their curiosity goes beyond the walls of the classroom.

Children’s natural curiosity and drive for independence means that in the Primary 6 – 9 and 9 – 12 classrooms we offer children the opportunity to use the Going Out Tool in order to broaden their horizons. Each class will have a small termly budget in order to help them organise these activities. The children must decide where they want to go, when they want to go and how they will get there. The job of the adult is to observe and accompany, even if that means walking in the wrong direction for a few minutes!

When the child goes out, it is the world itself that offers itself to him. Let us take the child out to show him real things instead of making objects which represent ideas and closing them in cupboards.

– Maria Montessori

Practical life takes on a new meaning. Children need to make appointments by calling, using all their Grace & Courtesy skills. They need to learn to research and add up prices, to ensure they do not spend their budget in one go. They might even need to plan a cake sale or car wash, should they want to go somewhere particularly expensive! Responsibility is of upmost importance, when we take our metro ticket, money and belongings whilst we explore the city. Language skills also take on a new meaning, particularly for the non-native Spanish and Catalan speakers.
When children return from these trips, they share their experiences with others in order to broaden the general knowledge of the class. Next time, it will be someone else’s turn, and we need to plan and allow for others to enjoy their day.


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