Fees 2020-2021

Investment in the Early Years

We wanted to take a moment to explain our pricing structure, as we are sure that it will generate questions. Most private schools start with a low price in the early years, which increases throughout the child’s time at school. 

Current scientific evidence shows us that the investment in the early years, before the age of 6, through the provision of a quality preschool program, provides children with life-long benefits. 

So what is the difference?

For a start, the ratio of staff to children is much higher in the early years. Children need more adult attention before the age of 3 to ensure that they develop strong language and social skills.

The Montessori Program encourages independence, which as anyone with a toddler knows, is exactly what they want, and requires time and energy from the adults around them. Young children need space and resources in order to be able to practice these skills. 

At the same time, traditional programs generally involve children working on group activities and in order to create a safe environment, children are often given materials which are unbreakable. Whilst this is more time and cost effective, it removes vital learning opportunities for children to discover the consequences of their actions and moderate their own behaviour. 

Finally, we want to help children to learn life-long skills that will help them throughout their education. We rarely accept children above the age of 5 into our programme if they have not already been in a Montessori program elsewhere. This means that we want our families to stay with us, and for this loyalty, we feel it is important that they are rewarded.

Items Cost (euros) Payable

Infant Community (14 month-3 years old)

810 Monthly for 11 months 

(not August)


Children’s House (3 years old-6 years old)

800 Monthly for 11 months 

(not August)


Primary 1 (6 to 9 years old)

770 Monthly for 11 months 

(not August)


Primary 2 (9 to 12 years old)


Not available this year

Monthly for 11 months 

(not August)

Catering 82 Monthly for 11 months 

(not August)

Inscription Fee Infant Community & Children’s House 2100 One-off when joining school
Inscription Fee Primary 1 & 2 2000 One-off (only payable to new students joining the school)
Deposit 658 One-off – returnable when the child leaves providing one trimester notice has been given.
Material Fee

Infant Community

200 Once per year (SEPTEMBER)
Material Fee

Children’s House

175 Once per year (SEPTEMBER)
Material Fee

Children’s House

150 Once per year (SEPTEMBER)

7% discount for the second child’s tuition fee, 15% for the third child’s tuition fee, 25% for the fourth child, 50% for the fifth child. Discount applies to older sibling.

4% discount for upfront payment of the whole academic year, not combinable (deadline June 21th).

Whilst we aim to maintain these prices, Barcelona Montessori School reserves the right to modify the prices in case of a change of legislation or a sudden enhancement of the costs of products and services from our providers. If you have any questions please contact us.

Included in these costs:

A hot lunch, morning and afternoon snacks are included in the catering costs for all pupils.

Please click here to learn more about the nutritional lunches provided by the school every day.

Text books are included in the fees for all pupils.

The compulsory school accident insurance is included in the fees for all pupils.

Additional School Services

There are some occasions when additional services may be required. Additional charges apply.

Please contact our Admissions team to receive more information:

Parents are required to purchase work attire.

Please click here to learn more about the school work attire.

Barcelona Montessori School provides school bus service to and from the school.

Please click here to learn more about the bus routes available and fees.

Examination Fees are not included in any Year Group.

There is a before and after school childcare service from Nursery to Year 6 pupils.

This cost is not included in the fees.

Specialist extra-curricular tuition, for example to learn a musical instrument, is charged separately.

A separate charge is also applied for termly after-school activities.


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