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¿Por qué hemos elegido insectos palo?


Es cierto que no son peludos y no pueden ser abrazados pero podemos aprender mucho de nuestros nuevos amigos. Los insectos palo son una gran "mascota" para la Casa de los Niños. Alrededor de los 3 años, la sensibilidad de los niños para la exploración sensorial alcanza su punto máximo. Ya tenemos muchas actividades en la Casa de los Niños que ayudan a los niños a desarrollar su discriminación sensorial y la observación de los insectos palo es una de ellas. La observación de los insectos palo requiere que los niños sean capaces de distinguir entre los colores - se [...]

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An aquarium has joined our Infant Community classroom


An aquarium has joined our Infant Community classroom We are excited to announce a new arrival in our Infant Community, the Kings have been very generous with us this year! We have been joined by some gold fish! Gold fish are an ideal pet for young children. A small aquarium allows young children to experience the responsibilities of caring for and observing animals when they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. We have pets so that you don’t have to! Children will learn to respect their new classroom guests by not banging on the tank, feeding them [...]

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Scientifically based research on montessori pedagogy


Scientifically Based Research on Montessori Pedagogy Below are listed different thesis and comprehensive researches on Montessori Education for those who wants to know deeper the benefits and the outcomes of the pedagogy. A Comparison of Montessori and Traditional Middle Schools: Motivation, Quality of Experience, and Social Context by Kevin Rathunde A Longitudinal Study of the Experience in the Milwaukee Public Schools AMI USA Optimal Developmental Outcomes: The Social, Moral, Cognitive, and Emotional Dimensions of a Montessori Education by Annette M. Haines, Kay Baker, and David Kahn Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius Chapter 1 Angeline Lillard Evaluating Montessori Education Angeline Lillard [...]

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Why have we chosen stick insects?


It is true that they are not furry and can’t be cuddled but we can learn a lot from our new friends. Stick insects are a great “pet” for Children’s House. Around the age of 3, children’s sensitivity for sensorial exploration peaks. We already have a lot of activities in Children’s House that help children to develop their sensory discrimination and the observation of stick insects is another. Observing stick insects requires children to be able to distinguish between colours – you could see this as an extension of the Colour Tablets activities. Our stick insects have brown bodies and [...]

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The beginning of something new…


Nido Montessori is very excited about our new project! Last night we were at La Salle in order to present details about a Montessori Primary School we are working on here in Barcelona for September 2020. Thank you to all those who attended. It was great to speak with you all. We are still looking for investors who are interested in supporting the development of this exciting project. If you were unable to make it last night and would like to see what you missed, please check out the powerpoint here. If you are interested in investing, please email Tim [...]

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